Shifting Gears

2012-11-01 14:21:32 by RailMachanic

November First, that day where we shift gears from the ghouls, goblins, and candy of Hallowieen, to the food and forced family interactions of Thanksgiving, and the once special day of celibration now turned greed fest of Christmas. I may have a couple things up here by the end of they year.

Untill Next time Folks.


2012-09-05 15:44:37 by RailMachanic

As you can see, I have improved over the few years I was away from here. But I still have a long way to go. Now if I can only get Flash and a tablet to inprove my skills more...

Clearing out the cob-webs

2012-07-27 11:53:27 by RailMachanic

Man, it's been a while scence I've done anything here. Had to clear out the cobwebs and kill a spider the sive of a savana moniter. But I got plenty of stuff to show you guys that I've been working on these past few years.

Untill next time folks.

Well my fisrt Flash video was turned down. That just means I've got to do better.

Never get anywhere.

2010-06-03 17:31:11 by RailMachanic

I can never get anywhere. As soon as I make more money, the price on everything gose up. If anything should go up is the taxes on the rich.


2010-05-30 20:05:16 by RailMachanic

Every thing cost to much. HO scale K4 $158.97, Micromidea flash last cheaked $600, Being poor your sanity, comeing out of it better Priceless.